What Remains is Silence

Winner of the Prize Myriam Muniz de Teatro 2007

We had some questions. We wanted to talk on life choices, and on how we can influence our lives and other people’s with small actions. It’s almost a Buddhist thought: that we are made out of simple daily choices.
When making a choice, are we aware of all the things that have been behind? One ordinary night, the lives of six characters get shocked. In common, they only share the constants of solitude, their interior silence and their small individual choices that, although apparently insignificant, have determined irreversibly their destiny.
O que nos resta é o silêncio has been awarded Funarte Myriam Muniz Theatre Prize, having been shown as working in process at the festival Riocenacontemporânea, in 2005, and premiered at Espaço Sesc, in Copacabana, June 2006. The piece was later in season at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim (2006) and at Casa da Glória (2007).

Direction, dramaturgy and set design – Joelson Gusson
Cast – Ângela Delphim, Candice Abreu, Leonardo Corajo, Lucas Gouvêa e Luciano Moreira
Photos – Paula Kossatz
Theoretical assistance – Lídia Olinto and Bernardo Freire
Lighting design – José Geraldo Furtado
Graphic design – Clarice Rito and Pina Brandi
Executive Production – Itala Mattos
Production direction – Joelson Gusson

This work has counted in its first season with the creative work and participation of the actors Danilo Menegale, Fabiano Costa, Julia Cárdenas and Lídia Olinto.