The Maids

Lionel Fischer

One of the most staged Jean Genet’s plays, able to seduce ether young companies as some of the greatest directors in the world (the version of the Argentinean director Victor Garcia is, until now, a reference), “Les Bonnes” can be seeing on stage until the next Sunday at the Teatro Glauce Rocha. Joelson Gusson is the responsible for the mise-en-scene, having the cast formed by Lucas Gouvêa, Leonardo Corajo e Danilo Menegale.
As it is a very worldwide known play, it’s not worthy to make here a synopsis of this story. But it’s imperious to mention the fact that the text, inserted in the movement called `theatre of the absurd’, can and deserves to be seeing from many points of view.
In this present case in particular, the director Joelson Gusson opted for one line that, at least in a certain degree, have the humor as a priority. This choice looks perfectly acceptable, since there is a lot of comicality at the furious discussions between the two servants, Claire e Solange, that alternate each other in miming Madame’s part.
At the moments of absence of this last one, they establish a curious power game, acting from time to time as the oppressor and the oppressed one. And the character itself that gives birth to this madness is rendered in a way to suggests that the tragic and the comic are, in deed, very close relatives.
Imposing to the scene a dynamic that combines austerity and fantasy, Joelson Gusson materializes the principal subjects proposed by the author, having excellent partners as the actors that gives life to this complex characters. We must also highlight the creativity of the scenery, costumes and sound track, created by the director, as the expressive light design of Mauricio Cardoso, the body direction of Gustavo Ciríaco and Denise Stutz, and the great Ciríaco’s translation of the text.

Direction – Joelson Gusson
Translation – Gustavo Ciríaco
Direction Assistence – Lídia Olinto
Cast – Lucas Gouvêa
Leonardo Corajo
Danilo Menegale
Executive Producer – Ângela Blazo
Scenography and Costumes – Joelson Gusson
Light Design – José Geraldo Furtado Gomes
Sound Design – Dragão Voador
Photos – Dalton Valério