naked lanscape

Naked Landscape is a collaborative project between the artists Thereza Rocha, Luciana Froes, Bel Garcia, Carolina Ferman and Joelson Gusson. The name of this work was stolen from the title of a series of photos created by the Japanese fashion photographer and editor Izima Kaoru.
The intriguing game that Izima creates is what drew most of our attention. He can put together in a single image, celebrity, glamour and a kind of ‘spectacularization’ of death. He shoots Japanese top models, wearing haute couture pieces, as if they were dead, in hyper-realistic scenes of major accidents, suicides, etc. Fashion and Death alongside. Death as a great aesthetic and allegorical event.
Here, what matters is the friction between event and simulation, which is the main reason for building this scene. The presence of death in the only way it can still become visible today: as a spectacle.

Conception: Joelson Gusson
Direction: Thereza Rocha e Joelson Gusson
Creation: Joelson Gusson, Bel Garcia, Luciana Fróes e Thereza Rocha
Dramaturg: Thereza Rocha
On Stage: Carolina Ferman e Joelson Gusson
Photos (courtesy): Izima Kaoru
Sound Design: Rodrigo Marçal
Light Design: Claudio Tammela
Costums consulting: Joana Lima Silva, Alexandre Holanda e Patricia Muniz
Instalation: Joelson Gusson
Photos: Paula Kossatz