Cyborg Manifesto

A work in process for two actors, Cyborg Manifesto, has its name stolen from an article by the American scholar Donna Haraway, on the conception of a cyborg and the possible existence of a cybernetic body nowadays.
It is a pretext to dive into the actual decomposition/composition of the body of the contemporary man. To dive into what exists in this body, that even not being a real part of it, makes its very existence possible; to dive into what remains of this body after its utter destruction; into the prosthesis that survive the organic, becoming the memory of the individual of whom they once were part; into the conscience of the degradation of one´s flesh and the desperate attempt to deactivate this self-destructive mechanism.
Between having a body and being a body, the individual´s perception floats in the midst of the immense possibilities of transforming his body that emerge with the new technologies, the use of prosthesis, the surgical interventions, the aesthetic proceedings.
This is the place where Kafka meets Michael Jackson.

Direction and conception – Joelson Gusson
Dramaturgy and sound track –Dragão Voador
Cast – Leonardo Corajo and Lucas Gouvêa
Poems – WJ Solha
Direction assistance – Candice Abreu
Theoretical assistance – Bernardo Freire
Light design – José Geraldo Furtado Gomes
Set design and Costumes – Joelson Gusson
Sound engineering – Pedro Moreira
Street Dance choreography – Daniel Figueiredo
Tango choreography – Lidio Freitas
Photos – Paula Kossatz e Bruno Tetto
Graphic design – Pina Brandi
Production – Joelson Gusson and Fomenta Produções Artísticas