Amerika! is an aesthetic study on the materiality and finitude of things, man itself and the world. Its title is an allusion to this hegemonic culture that “globalized” our little world.

The show is based upon Giorgio Agambem’s article Praise of Profanity, where he talks about the consumer’s society, the using of all materials to the satisfaction of supposed necessities that modern life imposes on us –  through speeches ready to sell the illusion of happiness. As Marcia Tiburi says, “… The propaganda that lives on the ritual of consecration of gadgets instead of relics, where the consumer is the new believer. Consumerism (…) as the belief of the church of capitalism with their plastic idols. ”

In this era of waste of materials, everything seems easily reachable. The word is satisfaction – after all, how many advertisements say: “… You deserve it!” – Without taking into account that even a short time ago the word “consume” was linked to the act of destruction, to end with something completely. This term was raised by capitalism to the status of the adjective most deified that one can assume. Today, not to be a consumer is at the same level of being a heretic. We all need to worship this “religion of making things disappear”, where everything becomes garbage with a single touch.